Deborah Hedwall

Actress. Teacher. Private Coaching.

To be an actor requires courage and curiosity to examine ones own life experience, creative potential and ones relationship to humanity.   

It requires the ability to say yes and most importantly to be passionate about inquiry and discovery.

It requires talent.

I cannot teach talent.

I serve as a guide and inspire courage by helping actors understand the benefit of deep self knowledge and the value of a rich and vibrant imagination -the essential means to living truthfully in any circumstance.

Gratefully, my teachers were Sanford Meisner and Uta Hagen. These two giants in the American theater launched me into a life in the theater as a teacher, director and actress in New York City and Regional Theaters across the country.

As master teachers they passed on to me a clear process designed to ignite those actors who are willing to meet face to face, heart to heart the demands of their artistry and explore their greatest potential.

Deborah Hedwall Acting Reel 2017

As Martha, Hedwall is a force of nature...Leaving no doubt that her character could overwhelm anyone by sheer force of will...she also provides telling glimpses of the the secret wounds that Martha’s monster act is designed to protect....These are the best performances you will ever see on a Baltimore stage.
— Baltimore City Paper - "WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF", Baltimore Center Stage
Deborah Hedwall offers a virtuoso performance never still, rarely silent, her every word, move and sigh embodies the character. Hedwall’s acting creates a riveting presence. She is the glue and the fuel. Brava.
— "THE FALL TO EARTH" New York City